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"A very good, intensive and useful seminar for practice. The program is rich and versatile, the lecturers are experienced and open for discussion. From our visits to supermarkets, I especially liked WAITROSE and the speaker Michael: it is a large store with a high turnover and a complex assortment, with a strong and experienced director. I was also impressed by the tour of the supermarket SAINSBURY'S (particularly details of the business processes in the storeroom and online channel). I was pleased that during the visits to the DC we were shown all the business processes down to every detail. Many thanks to the organizers! The time and expenses for the trip well worth it! ", - Denis Shulga, Director of Supply Chain, Perekrestok Supermarkets Chain


2 March, 2017   

"The content of the program is excellent! All visits and talks were very useful to us. During the retail tour they gave an idea about the UK market and network features. Richard is a great speaker! I liked the visit to WAITROSE, and gained many new ideas. The visit to DC Procter & Gamble was useful, but not the most applicable to food retail. A lot of useful information was received from the director of the supermarket SAINSBURY'S - a very prepared speaker. A visit to Asda supermarket showed that not all shops in England are better than Russian ones. In the TESCO DC we were taught by another great, who knew all the numbers and useful information we were looking for. Amazon is a super-warehouse, like the excursion itself! ", - Alexander Starostin, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young Valuation and Advisory Services LLC


2 March, 2017   

"It was not just a finely organised tour with visits to DCs and shops, it was the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from Russian companies, and -the most important thing - many thanks to the organisers for the rare chance of meeting expert professionals from Sainsbury's and Waitrose. Communication with them was extensive, subjects for discussion ranged wide and deep, and the openness and professionalism of the speakers (with length of service in the companies about 30 years!) really unique. I will separately note the quality of the organisation of the program: the logistics was faultless, and surprises only pleasant. I wish you success, I will be glad to participate in similar events", - Denis Sologub, Chief Executive, AZBUKA VKUSA supermarket, Russia.


23 September, 2016   

"The program was extremely useful. At each location we were met by senior representatives from the organisations who gave high quality presentations, detailed tours and commentaries. The visit to SAINSBURY'S distribution centre was very useful, seeing the automated technology used for the storage and picking of fresh goods. There was also a well organised visit and an excellent presentation at the Waitrose distribution centre: we toured the DC, learnt about the main processes. There were many things that will be useful to study and consider applying in our business. Waitrose Canary Wharf supermarket - very detailed presentation and a tour of the supermarket; considered many features involved in storing, displaying and preserving the quality of Fresh products. I was very impressed with the level of speakers. A full and busy schedule,  3-4 visits/meetings a day. Visits, transfers, food and accommodation – EVERYTHING was organised accurately and on time. Many thanks to the organisers for such a HIGH level PROGRAMME. I very much want to get on the following program!", - Mark Veksler, Director, Department of Implementation of Warehouse Technologies, Pyaterochka, X5 Retail Group, Russia.


23 September, 2016   

«Отличные спикеры, объекты и компании, в частности, Amazon, FM Logistics, Generix. Безупречная организация семинара в энергичном темпе. Спасибо», -  Алехин Александр, директор по информационно-техническому развитию, «Озон», Россия.


September, 2015   

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